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This family history site is a compilation of materials gathered from a number of family historians and genealogists who have been researching the various branches of our Family Tree for many years. My personal interest in Genealogy began many years ago when I asked my Grandmothers who their parents were (and proved the point that one must listen carefully - Nida Cady Smith's first name was actually Lida, while Suzanne Good's was Susanna). Years later, my interest in the family history was reignited by a cousin who had recorded the history of my father's family back to the 1860's; and he was just the first. I have had the good fortune of meeting several other genealogists, each one of whom illuminated a separate family line, and shared their information most willingly. I have assembled their works here.


The Family Histories

Ancestors of Aubrey Lauren Yankle
Descendants of Jens Asmussen
Descendants of Zachariah Holler
Descendants of Jacob Jacobsen
Descendants of Frederick Yankle
Holler Family Reunion 2006
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The Family Historians


Some information in the following pages derives from previous research done by cousins and fellow researchers. Attribution is included whenever possible. Some information on this Web site has not yet been proven and requires verification, but the authors have been very careful to include only information personally known to them, their close relatives, or documented resources, whether cited or not.

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